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2021.03.14 约翰福音3:22-26 - 施浸約翰的見證

經文:【約翰福音22—26; 1-3節】

22 這事以後,耶穌和門徒到了猶太地,在那裏居住施浸。23 約翰在靠近撒冷的哀嫩也施浸,因為那裏水多。眾人都去受浸。24 那時約翰還沒有下在監裏。25 約翰的門徒和一個猶太人辯論潔淨的禮。26 就來見約翰說:“ 拉比,從前同你在約但河外,你所見証的那位,現在施浸,眾人都往他那裏去了。” 1 主知道法利賽人聽見他收門徒施浸比約翰還多 ,2 ( 其實不是耶穌親自施浸, 乃是他的門徒施浸,) 3 祂就離了猶太 ,又往加利利去 。 願上帝的恩典和平安常與弟兄姊妹同在! 按照貴會講道的計劃,一月至三月,集中思想約翰福音 1-7章, 今早我們從約 3: 22-26 ,一同來看施浸約翰的見證。 壹)施浸約翰的出生

弍)施浸約翰的身分 叄)施浸約翰的浸禮與舊約的潔淨禮 肆)施浸約翰的浸禮和主耶穌的浸禮 伍)施浸約翰的被囚與被殺 陸)耶穌對施浸約翰的評語


  • 施浸約翰是舊約時代的人物,他一生忠心為主預備道路,因而受到耶穌的稱讚,說他是點著的明燈( 約 5: 35 )。

  • 施浸約翰發出光來照亮兩約之間的幽暗長空,使人們看清耶穌是彌賽亞,是神的兒子,是得到救恩的唯一來源。他貴為神的工人,卻被囚在獄中,曾經懷疑神的旨意。雖然他最後被殺死,但神卻把最好的天國賜給他,使他能得到永恆的生命。

  • 今日我們活在恩典中,應當要效法施浸約翰,願意成為耶穌的開路先鋒,耶穌基督第一次來只需要一個先鋒,祂第二次來的時候,需要千千萬萬的先鋒,為那些剛硬的心預備道路,將人反叛神,敵擋神的心意解開,讓他們因基督徒人生觀受感動,要知道我們 “ 心中盼望的緣由 ” 是甚麼。

信息反省研討 1. 施浸約翰出生的描述對你有何意義﹖ 2. 怎樣明白 “在母腹被聖靈充滿” ﹖ 3. 施浸約翰的浸禮與舊約的潔淨禮有甚麼關係﹖ 4. 今天基督徒的浸禮有何意義﹖ 5. 施浸約翰如何見證基督﹖ 6. 施浸約翰怎樣作福音預工﹖給我們甚麼榜樣﹖


The Testimony of John the Baptist

Scripture: John 3: 22-26, 4: 1-3 22 After this, Jesus and his disciples went to Judea, where they lived and baptized. 23 John also baptized in Aenon near Salem, because there was a lot of water there. Everyone went to get baptized. 24 John was not in prison at that time. 25 John's disciples debated with a Jew about the ceremony of cleansing. 26 Then he came to John and said, "Rabbi, the one you witnessed who was with you in the past has been baptized, and everyone has gone to him." John 4: 1-3 1 The Lord knew that the Pharisees had heard him accept more disciples for baptism than John did, 2 (In fact, it was not Jesus who baptized himself, but his disciples who baptized.) 3 He left Judea and went to Galilee. May God's grace and peace be with brothers and sisters!

According to the church’s preaching plan, from January to March, focus is on chapters 1-7 of the Gospel of John.

This morning we will look at John the Baptist’s testimony in John 3:22-26. A) The birth of John the Baptist B) The identity of John the Baptist

C) The baptism of John the Baptist and the cleansing Sacrement of the Old Testament D) The baptism of John the Baptist and the baptism of Lord Jesus

E) The imprisonment and death of John the Baptist

F) Jesus’ comments on John the Baptist


  • John the Baptist was a figure in the Old Testament era. He was faithful in preparing the way for the Lord throughout his life, so he was praised by Jesus, saying that he was a lighting lamp (John 5:35).

  • John the Baptist emits light to illuminate the dark sky between the two testaments, so that people can see that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and the only source of salvation. He is a worker of God, but he was imprisoned, and he had doubts about God's will. Although he was killed in the end, God gave him the best of heaven so that he could obtain eternal life.

  • Today we are living in grace. We should imitate John the Baptist and be willing to be the pioneer of Jesus. Jesus Christ only needed one pioneer when he came for the first time. When He comes the second time, he needs tens of thousands of pioneers to prepare for hardened hearts the way and to untie people's will of rebellion against God, and let them be touched by the Christian outlook on life. We need to know what the reason is for the hope in our hearts.

Points for Thought:

1. What does it mean to you by the description of the birth of John the Baptist?

2. How to understand "filled with the Holy Spirit in the womb"﹖

3. What is the relationship between the baptism of John the Baptist and the cleansing sacrament in the Old Testament?

4. What is the significance of Christian baptism today?

5. How did John the Baptist testify on Christ?

6. ​​How did John the Baptist prepare for Gospel work? What role model did he give us?

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